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ישו עצר Eboli (תבנית:Lang-it) Eboli היא הסתגלות 1979 הסרט של הספר באותו שם על ידי קרלו לוי. זה נוהלה על ידי פרנצ'סקו רוזי וכוכבים ג'יאן מריה Volonté כמו קרלו לוי, עם פאולו Bonacelli, אלן CUNY, לאה למאסארי ו אירן פאפאס .

זה היה מוצג מחוץ לתחרות ב 1979 פסטיבל הקולנוע בקאן שגיאת ציטוט: חסר תג </ref> סוגר בשביל תג <ref> The film received the first BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1982.

Carlo Levi was a painter and writer, but he also had a degree in medicine. Arrested in 1935 by Mussolini's regime for his anti-Fascist activities, he was sent to live in a remote town in southern Italy, in the region of Lucania which is known today as Basilicata. The landscape was beautiful, the peasantry poor and neglected. Since the local doctors were not interested in peasants and not trusted by them, he began to help them.

It is a film that observes life, rather than one full of dramatic happenings. The war in Ethiopia is mentioned, but as something very remote. Mostly you see a very unfamiliar lifestyle.


  • Gian Maria Volonté as Carlo Levi
  • Paolo Bonacelli as Don Luigi Magalone
  • Alain Cuny as Barone Nicola Rotunno
  • Lea Massari as Luisa Levi
  • Irene Papas as Giulia Venere
  • François Simon as Don Traiella
  • Luigi Infantino
  • Francesco Callari
  • Antonio Allocca as Don Cosimino
  • Enzo Vitale as Dottore Milillo (as Vincenzo Vitale)
  • Maria Antonia Capotorto
  • Pietro Peragine
  • Vito Caraccia
  • Antonio Di Leva
  • Accursio Di Leo as Joiner

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