Antarctica, South Georgia Island • 360° Aerial Panorama

אנטרטיקה 360 מעלות - כנס לקישור מטה ותהנה

הוראות שימוש - This panorama can be opened in several different resolutions. High resolution panorama with the best quality is about 7 Mb large and it is suitable for fast internet connections and modern computers. For slower internet and old weak computers we created the smaller low resolution panorama. Some small details have been sacrificed but the size of low resolution panorama is nomore than 2 Mb.

על האתר - The main disappointment for all travelers, who take a standard route to Antarctica, is that they can't see famous King penguins with a yellow "collar". Places accessible by cruise ships are populated with large colonies of Gentoo, Adelie, and Chinstrap penguins. They are cute in their own way, but are hardly 50-70 cm tall. And they don't have those famous yellow "collars" around their necks. On board of such a cruise ship I finally realized that King and Emperor penguins - biggest of them all - simply don't live on the most visited part of Antarctica, which is the closest to South America. They live on the outskirts: South Georgia Island and Ross Sea.

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