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  1. כל האירועים של גולת ספרד עד הגירוש
  2. תיאור של 500 המקומות בהם ישבו יהודים בספרד
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  5. מדור "חפש את השורשים"

ועוד ועוד

יצויין כי מדובר באתר, שנועד לעודד תיירות יהודית לספרד והמניע להקמתו הוא מסחרי.

על הפרויקט[]

project by Red de Juderías and Google The project Caminos de Sefarad ("Routes of Sepharad"), was presented last December 19th at Centro Sefarad-Israel in Madrid. The project aims at promoting on an international level the Jewish heritage of the member cities of the Red de Juderías de España (Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters) by means of the Internet, using all the possibilities offered by the new technologies.

The presentation was made by the Chairman of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters and Mayor of Tudela, Mr. Luis Casado, the Director of Public Policies and Institutional Affairs of Google Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece, Ms. Bárbara Navarro, and the General Director of Centro Sefarad-Israel, Mr. Florentino Portero. The Director of the office of the High Comission of the Government for the brand “España,” of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. José Ángel López Jorrín, has closed the ceremony.



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