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the jews in italy their contribution to developement and spread of Jewish Heritage

הכנס כלל 2 מושבים בנושאים שונים והתקיים בימים 4 -9 ספטמבר 2011 בחסות אוניברסיטת בר-אילן.

הזמנת האוניברסיטה[]

International Conference

The Jews in Italy:

Their Contribution to the Development and Spread of Jewish Heritage

5-9 September 2011

University of Bologna (Ravenna) & University of Florence, Italy Bar-Ilan University - Faculty of Jewish Studies

Ashkelon Academic College

The Ministry Of Religious Services

Monday-Friday, 6-10 Ellul 5771

המקור:אתר בר אילן

הזמנה למשלוח עבודות לכנס[]

תוכן ההרצאות

You are cordially invited to participate in an International Conference entitled:The Jews in Italy Their Contribution to the Developmentand Spread of Jewish HeritageTo take place in Ravenna (Italy) on Monday-Thursday, 6-9 Ellul, 5771 (4-8 September, 2011)

The Conference will cover a variety of topics, including:

  1. New research perspectives on Italian Jewry# Social aspects of Jewish life in Italy
  2. Intellectual and artistic works# Hebrew manuscripts and books in Italy
  3. The attitude of Church Law toward the Jews
  4. Relations between the Italian Jewish community and other Diaspora communities
  5. Jewish and Hebrew literature in Italy over the centuries
  6. The Italian Rabbinate and Rabbinical tradition
  7. Jews in the Renaissance
  8. Attitudes toward tradition in the modern age
  9. The political institutions of Italian Jewry


פירוט התוכנית[]