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At the end of WWII, Jewish refugees were temporarily hosted in transit camps in Apulia, which had been established under the aegis of the United Nations and the Allied Forces, with the support of International Jewish organizations.
Many of them were Holocaust survivors who were directed from various European places to DP (Displaced Persons) ,

camps established in Bari, Barletta and in several small villages on the Lecce sea coast (the most important ones being Santa Cesarea, Santa Maria al Bagno Nardò, Santa Maria di Leuca, Tricase Porto).

Those refugees remained in Apulia for shorter or longer periods between 1944 and 1949.
The University of Salento has been collecting and publishing autobiographic material of all those refugees who have related in different languages their experiences in the transit camps.
In their writings the former displaced persons let us know about the daily life in the camps, as well as about their feelings and hopes to find any possible way to migrate to Israel or to other destinations.
Those personal testimonies, along with the interviews of the former refugees that have been collected in the past few years and turned into documentaries, allow us to reproduce a full picture of an important page of contemporary history, thus greatly contributing to the information derived from official documents surviving in local and international archives

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