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ראו ברזולוציה הגבוהה ביותר את השמות בעברית של המקומות החשובים

Hot Springs in Himachal Pradesh[]

Nature has blessed Himachal pradesh with a number of Hot Springs. Hot Springs in Himachal Pradesh have become very popular because of their medicinal properties. Most of these springs are located in the Beas and Satluj valleys. Generally found in Himachal Pradesh are three types of Hot Springs - Simple Springs, Mineral Springs and Thermal Springs. Simple Springs are just like any ordinary springs coming out from an underground source to surface. Mineral Springs contain water with some mineral dissolved in it. Thermal Springs are very hot. The famous Hot Springs in Himachal Pradesh are as follows :-

רק זה מצאתי[]

Another Hot Spring site is Khirganga. It is 26 km. from Kullu and 10 km. from Pulga. It is also famous for hot water springs. Here, the temperature of the water is much lower than that of ManiKaran.



[Continuing up the Parvati Valley, beyond where the road ends, to Kalga village and Khirganga hot spring. Himachal Pradesh, Northern India


הצבע הלבן[]

Khirganga Hot Water Spring is situated in the Parvati valley of Kullu District in Himachal Pradesh. One can see white sulphur attached at the bottom on both sides of this hot water spring. It floats like milk cream, which makes the water appear in white color. The spring got its name ‘Khirganga’ from this aspect.

These springs can be reached from Manikaran by a short trek. המקור