Place of the heart of you Today, 30 November, it's the last day to vote for Jewish sciesopoli, place of the heart of you. With your vote, we can save the memory Click: http://iluoghidelcuore.it/luoghi/selvino/sciesopoli-/87849 The vote does not involve any cost and does not require registration to you. 800 Jewish children orphans veterans from the shoah and from the concentration camps, between 1945 and 1948, to sciesopoli of selvino (BG) have been reported to life, to the study, the game. The extraordinary memory of Jewish sciesopoli is risking the oblivion. The first vote came from real vigevani jarach, mother of plaza de mayo. Now even shel shapiro, the legendary voice of rokes, sustains us. Come on you, too, a hand to Jewish sciesopoli: vote, share this email and invite your friends to do the same. Still a few hours to help with your vote. We thank all those who in recent months have supported sciesopoli Hebrew

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